14 of my favorite Boston wedding vendors

couple getting married outdoors at farm wedding venue by Tressie Seymour of Rhode Island Minister

Choosing your wedding vendor team is a big deal & can be a bit overwhelming! You want to make sure you find vendors who are not only personable and easy to work with, but whom you can count on to bring your unique vision to life. I get it! And because I strongly believe you deserve a wedding that suits your style & personality perfectly, I only partner with vendors who share that belief. Here are some recommendations for you to check out! Many of these Boston wedding vendors offer their services throughout New England. Just reach out to them directly if you’d like to learn more!


  • Danielle Taylor (Hair/Makeup Artist)

Home Base: Lowell, MA

Areas Served: MA/NH/RI

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A licensed cosmetologist with over 7 years of experience, Danielle shares my belief that you deserve to look your absolute best & have your confidence soar on your wedding day! “I got into this industry because I loved seeing the confidence good hair and fabulous makeup brought out in others,” she told me. “When they see their vision brought to life, it’s like a whole new person is sitting in my chair.” Danielle is not only a creative wizard with makeup and a master of high-glam looks; she is also the sweetest person ever. She creates such a welcoming environment and truly cares about forming genuine friendships with her clients.

  • Rhode Island Minister (Officiant)

Home Base: Rhode Island

Areas Served: RI/MA/CT

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Minister Tressie Seymour of Rhode Island Minister is a sweet, laid-back, easy-going & very open-minded wedding officiant who’s committed to giving couples their dream ceremony. “The reason I started this business was because I LOVE love!” she shared with me when I asked about her “why.” “Many couples say when they are meeting with officiants, they’re noticing they have certain beliefs on marriage and weddings that are a little old fashioned. I feel that you should be able to have your ceremony how you want it, and I am just there to make it happen. If you’re in love and want to be married, you should be able to be married! I never judge and accept everyone for who they are.” If you & your love are like many of my couples and want to do things a bit differently on your big day, Minister Seymour might just be your perfect fit (especially if you’re thinking about planning a Disney-themed wedding—it’s her dream to officiate one!).

couple getting married outdoors at farm wedding venue by Tressie Seymour of Rhode Island Minister

  • Blurred Vision (Band)

Home Base: Providence, RI

Areas Served: All of New England

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A household name in the New England/greater Boston wedding industry, six-piece band Blurred Vision know how to bring the energy. They truly love what they do—you can see it & feel it in their performances. “To see the looks on [our fans’] faces during a wedding is priceless,” said vocalist Bruce Macksoud, who first got the opportunity to join a band in high school, and whose love for music has only grown since. “Everyone [in the band] feels the same way that I do. It is a gift that we have, and one that we are happy to share with thousands of people over the years. To be able to perform is a blessing, and none of us take it for granted.” On top of being insanely talented, the members of Blurred Vision set themselves apart by working very closely and personally with their couples. They have several different entertainment packages available so that you can have exactly what you’re looking for, and they’re available for weddings in Boston and throughout New England.

wedding band Blurred Vision performing at a wedding at the Cape Club of Sharon

  • Music on Wheels (DJ)

Home Base: Dartmouth/Westport, MA

Areas Served: MA/RI/CT/NH

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You’ve probably heard of husband & wife photography/videography teams in the wedding industry…well, Pete and Tammy Rivet of Music on Wheels are a husband & wife DJ team! They are 100% committed to making sure you have the most amazing, most memorable wedding day. “Each and every couple we work with is different,” they explained. “It’s one thing  just show up and play music; it’s another thing when you take it to the next level and make it up to what the bride and groom have envisioned for their wedding day. We approach every couple from scratch to start off with exactly what they are looking for.” Pete & Tammy are true professionals and, just as importantly, great people.

  • deCordova Sculpture Park & Museum (Venue)

Location: Lincoln, MA

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Imagine taking couples portraits on your wedding day in front of a striking, unique sculpture…or two…or three…or many! Owned by the Trustees of Reservations, the deCordova is a beautiful and expansive park that features dozens of large-scale sculptures, each one more captivating than the next, placed in between patches of lovely natural scenery. The stone terrace that overlooks the park is ideal for small to mid-size events, making the deCordova the perfect venue for a truly artistic intimate wedding. Plan a visit to check it out for yourself!

  • The Tirrell Room

Location: Quincy, MA

Learn more about them & get in touch

The Tirrell Room is a gorgeous banquet room with plenty of outdoor space for a fun cocktail hour, and a wide-open lawn that’s perfect for large group portraits. Plus, there’s a beautiful gazebo if you’d like to keep everything in one place and have your ceremony on-site. The Tirrell Room offers a very thorough and inclusive wedding package that is also very customizable. Your catering is already taken care of—with YOU at the helm when it comes to coordinating the menu—and from there, you can customize the details of your day to suit your style. Check out this post for some great tips on how to do just that!

the gazebo and cocktail hour area at The Tirrell Room

  • Cake Monstah (Bakery)

Home Base: Weymouth, MA

Areas Served: Boston & South Shore of MA

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Couples who want a highly creative wedding cake made by a true artist – look no further. Michelle Scurio, who first launched her business Cake Monstah in 2010, pours her heart and soul into each and every wedding cake (or, as she very accurately calls them, “edible pieces of art”) she creates. “We are not a mass production facility where your order is just 1 of 50 wedding cakes being made that weekend,” she explained. “I limit the number of weddings I take on each weekend to allow myself to dedicate the attention and time each one truly deserves.” Over the years, Michelle has pretty much done it all, but she’s at her best and happiest when she gets the opportunity to sculpt, draw, paint, or use her airbrush on a cake. “I feel my talents truly shine on those pieces,” she shared with me. I could not agree more—and there won’t be any doubt in your mind either once you check out her Instagram page.

wedding cake made by Cake Monstah, a Boston bakery

  • DWRI Letterpress (Stationery Designer)

Location: Providence, RI

Areas Served: All of New England

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With over 65 combined years of fine printing experience, it’s safe to say the team at Providence, RI print shop DWRI Letterpress know what they’re doing when it comes to wedding stationery design. This is the place to go for custom invitations and other important stationery pieces that fit your specific vision for your day—especially if you’re wanting to support a small biz with deep local roots. “We use a wide range of historical equipment to print on, with our oldest press dating back to 1912,” explained Lois Harada, the shop’s lead designer. In terms of DWRI Letterpress’ style and approach, “we like to match our clients,” Lois shared. “If you come to us with an inspiration board that’s all soft, organic florals, we’re going to make paper and type suggestions to match. If you’re not sure where to start, we walk through our sample book to see what’s appealing.” The designers at DWRI Letterpress are truly here to help couples make their special day just as unique as they are—not to mention, their client service is absolutely outstanding.

wedding invitation designed by DWRI Letterpress

  • Imperfectly Perfect Weddings & Events (Wedding Business Owner/Planner)

Home Base: Dartmouth, MA

Areas Served: All of New England & global destinations

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During the pandemic, expert event planner Nadia Sorvillo put her 20+ years of experience in the marketing & corporate events industries into her own endeavor, one that allowed her to truly follow her passion—Imperfectly Perfect Weddings & Events. “Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved planning, creating, and organizing parties,” she shared with me. “It took planning my friend’s wedding to finally decide to start something on my own.” We sure are lucky that Nadia decided to share her incredible gift and unique brand with the world. She originally hails from Italy, and her European flare and charm, along with her incredibly kind, caring personality, are a big part of what sets her business apart. You seriously won’t find a more attentive wedding planner who’s as passionate about her work as Nadia. “I love to see someone’s vision come to life,” she said, “and be able to create that one-of-a-kind, unforgettable experience.”

  • Black Iris Floral Designs (Floral Designer)

Home Base: Worcester, MA

Areas Served: All of New England

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Rachael Heilner, owner of Black Iris Floral Designs, is truly a one-of-a-kind business owner, creative professional, and person. If flowers are very important to the overall aesthetic of your big day, you need to reach out to her, like, yesterday. Rachael pours her heart and soul into her floral designs, and as a result, every arrangement she delivers is a work of art. I couldn’t fit all the wonderful things both Rachael and I had to say about her business in one paragraph, so check out this post if you’d like to learn more about her!

  • Chatty Press (Stationery Designer)

Home Base: North Shore, MA

Areas Served: All of New England + All of the US

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Stationery is part of what tells the unique story of your day—it’s an important visual detail that shouldn’t be overlooked! If you feel me, you should definitely reach out to Jen Pepper, the amazing artist (and self-proclaimed craft beer enthusiast) who owns The Chatty Press, a one-of-a-kind boutique design studio. Jen’s ideal couples are creative and unique, unafraid to think outside the box, and want their day to have a distinct style. “I create invitation suites that are truly one-of-a-kind and personally reflect each of my couples,” she shared. Of course, this barely scratches the surface of the incredible work Jen does to bring your vision to life—so you can read more about the Chatty Press experience here.

  • Witchy Woman Weddings (Officiant & Planner)

Home Base: Salem, MA

Areas Served: All of MA

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Being based in Salem, MA, and often working with unique, non-traditional couples, Tara McMullen-King’s wedding ceremony officiation and planning business, Witchy Woman Weddings, is pretty appropriately named. She describes herself as “quirky, a bit eccentric,” and “a big, gingery, tattooed Witch.” She also shared with me, “I have been described as equal parts Hermione Granger, Leslie Knope, Brienne of Tarth, and Joan Holloway – if you know, then you know!” 

If you’re planning a Salem wedding, Tara is the “witchy woman” you want by your side leading up to your big day. “My job is to be a partner,” she declared. “I am flexible, patient, and always open to new ideas, and I will never, EVER tell a client that they must do anything a certain way! I try to advise, empower, relieve stress, problem solve, and make sure that their ideas are executed as flawlessly as possible.” You can learn more about Tara and her business here!

  • MHPhoto&Video (Videographer)

Home Base: North Andover, MA

Learn more about her & get in touch

With the skills and experience of a journalist and the soul of an artist, Morgan Healey, owner of MHPhotoVideo, is here to tell your unique love story. One of the most important things to Morgan is that you and your partner get the freedom to be completely present in the moment on your wedding day. And as such, it’s also extremely important to her to be fully present herself in curating your experience. Morgan is on a mission to get to know you, your unique personality, and what you truly want out of your wedding day. This, to her, is at the foundation of creating a piece of art that’s full of meaning and emotion.

  • Ellie’s Providence (Eatery & Bakery)

Location: Providence, RI

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You might already be familiar with Providence’s iconic Ellie’s Bakery, but not as familiar with their wedding services. So I’m here to gush about the smooth, pleasant, and all-around fantastic experience you’ll have when you order your wedding cake from Ellie’s! Stephanie Pajak, the bakery’s Catering and Events Leader, is so helpful, informative, and palpably passionate making your special day amazing. She even goes above and beyond just serving you on the day of: “On your first-year anniversary, we treat you to a complimentary small 4″ cake to enjoy together and reminisce on your wedding memories!” she shared. What could be sweeter?

(Oh, and speaking of sweet, Ellie’s also offers other petite wedding desserts as well as brunch catering!)

semi-naked wedding cake with bright flowers by Ellie's Bakery in Providence, RI


Looking for specific types of Boston wedding vendors not listed here? Get in touch with me! I’d be more than happy to chat and help you in any way I can!

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