Meet Amy of Events by Amy Melody – an amazing Massachusetts wedding planner

sweetheart table at a backyard wedding planned by Events by Amy Melody, a Massachusetts wedding planner

For couples trying to plan a unique, memorable, and stress-free wedding day, wedding planners are godsends. (You can read more about why they’re so important here.) And there’s nothing better than finding one who’s full of genuine enthusiasm for your special day, your relationship, and the wedding industry itself. That’s exactly what you get when you work with Events by Amy Melody. Amy is an experienced Massachusetts wedding planner whose love for the event industry hasn’t faded one bit in eight years. She’s all about making sure your day is actually enjoyable, not full of stress and perfectionism. This approach, along with her loud, bold, creative personality, are what truly set her business apart.

Like so many small business owners, Amy left a soul-sucking day job to pursue her passion. Things improved drastically for Amy in all areas of her life once she dedicated herself fully to event planning. “This really is my dream,” she shared. “I’ve always known this was what I wanted to do.”

Even before starting her own business, though, Amy was no stranger to the event industry. She’d already been working for many years alongside her sister Kate, an experienced wedding photographer. She had also been pursuing a degree in hospitality, which opened many doors for her and allowed her to build an amazing network of creative professionals. Her advisor introduced her to the Fall River Creative Arts Network, a nonprofit organization focused on strengthening the arts and culture community in the South Coast region of Massachusetts. The organization’s leaders invited Amy to join their event planning committee, which created even more networking opportunities and allowed her to establish an even stronger presence as a Massachusetts wedding planner.

a backyard wedding ceremony planned by Massachusetts wedding planner Events by Amy Melody

Amy’s unique style as a Massachusetts wedding planner

Amy’s approach is all about building genuine relationships with her clients—relationships that naturally turn into friendships. She never takes the opportunity to be present for such a special moment in her couples’ lives for granted.

“My favorite part [of my job] is really the whole process,” she explained. “A couple reaching out, sharing their vision, and then seeing it all come together on the day of.”

Amy really stands out as a wedding planner in that her style is very customized and unique to each couple. The Events by Amy Melody brand promise is, Events as unique as your love story. “Everyone is different, and we should embrace that. We should embrace the things that make people themselves.” (I couldn’t agree more, by the way—and you can find some great tips here for making your wedding day a true reflection of your personality!)  

It probably comes as no surprise that Amy particularly loves working with couples who are a bit out of the ordinary, as well as couples who are still underrepresented in the wedding industry. “I’ve done a lot of bridal shows, and I’ve noticed a lack of inclusivity,” she shared with me. “I want to change that.”

Amy is one of those wedding planners who’s truly passionate about getting to know you and your unique story. So, if that’s exactly what you’re looking for in a Massachusetts wedding planner, don’t hesitate to get in touch with her!


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