A New Hampshire wedding photographer’s dream

New hampshire lakeside wedding arch

A winding, wooded path, reminiscent of an enchanted forest, that led to a sparkling lake. Gorgeous rustic details. An intimate vibe. Kylie & Sam’s late September wedding was a New Hampshire photographer’s dream. It incorporated everything that’s great about getting married in this state—the rustic-ness and elegance were so perfectly balanced.

New hampshire lakeside wedding arch wedding gown at rustic venue in new Hampshire

All throughout the day, I could feel just how loving and family-oriented these two people were, how much it meant to them to have as many of their loved ones as possible there celebrating with them. (Even if it was a smaller group than they originally planned, because, y’know, pandemic.) I definitely teared up a bit during their first dance, which was totally fine by me, since I love getting swept up in the emotion of intimate weddings like this one.

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All of Kylie & Sam’s details were absolutely stunning. From the mix of classic flowers and thistles in the bouquets, to the birch tree arch right on the lake under which the ceremony took place, to the cake topper that featured Kylie & Sam’s adorable kitty, I was just in love. Personally, as a New Hampshire wedding photographer, I loooove capturing unique details, and this day had so many to get excited about!

thistle flowers in wedding bouquet at new hampshire wedding custom cake topper with cat at forest wedding

Their lakeside ceremony was beautiful, and their speeches & first dance full of emotion. And on top of that, Kylie & Sam’s reception was super fun! It was the kind of night that reminded me of one of the main reasons I love shooting weddings—the pure joy in the air. A well-known New Hampshire/New England band called Vibrant was the entertainment for the evening, and their energy was infectious.


Before the sun went down and the party started, though, I got to capture some sweet, romantic shots of the happy couple dancing, twirling and nuzzling on the lake’s dock, with hints of the pink sunset peeking through.


It was a fantastic day all around—one that reminded me why I became a New Hampshire wedding photographer in the first place. Endless congratulations to Kylie, Sam, and their families!


If you’re looking for a photographer to capture your rustic or woodsy wedding in New Hampshire, I would love to chat. Feel free to drop me a line and share your ideas for your big day!

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