Planning a Salem Massachusetts wedding? Here’s why you need Tara of Witchy Woman Weddings

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If you’re planning a not-so-traditional Salem Massachusetts wedding, it just makes sense that you’d want a not-so-traditional vendor team on your side. And if you’re specifically leaning towards the idea of a non-religious, romantic, Celtic, Viking, Pagan, or Wiccan ceremony–or even just a witchy, ethereal aesthetic for your big day–I have just the wedding officiant and wedding planning consultant for you.

Based in Salem, Massachusetts, Witchy Woman Weddings, owned by event industry veteran Tara McMullen-King, is a wedding officiation and consulting business that’s as unique as Tara herself.She is a Witch, an initiated Wiccan Priestess, and an ordained minister.

Witchy Woman Weddings was formally launched in 2020, but Tara is no stranger to events. “I have been working full-time in the fundraising industry for more than 20 years,” she explained.“Prior to founding my wedding business, I had more than a decade of experience assisting with small-and large-scale event design, coordination, and execution, including multi-day professional conferences, fundraising events and galas, and even events like psychic fairs and private parties and celebrations.”

So, how and why did Tara find her way into the wedding industry? “In 2018, I made the decision to plan my OWN wedding–a non-traditional DIY affair for 130 guests,” she shared. “Inspired by a vision of what I knew I wanted, I did my research and spent months planning every detail from start to finish. After many site visits, phone calls, emails, and hours spent on my laptop, I managed to pull it all off and execute my unique vision well within our budget. Afterwards,many guests told me it was the most fun and beautiful wedding they had ever attended, and they suggested that I find a way to help other couples plan and execute their own unique weddings….So, I launched Witchy Woman Weddings to do just that, armed with more than 10 years of experience working on other types of events!”

A Truly Standout Salem Massachusetts Wedding Planner

While her professional background is impressive, couples love working with Tara on their Salem, Massachusetts weddings for so many other reasons. “My goal is to help couples plan a wedding that reflects and honors their unique interests, their passions, and their backgrounds,” she said. “While the vanilla-flavored, cookie-cutter wedding industry may try to put couples into a boring box – I aim to do the opposite, and want to empower clients to design their special celebration to be exactly what THEY want.” Tara is one of those vendors who truly cares about helping you make your special day unique—and that is reflected in every aspect of her work. Whether she’s officiating your wedding, helping you plan it, or both, you can count on her to advocate for you and support you in your big dreams—no matter how wild they may seem!

Tara is also such an easy person to connect with. She is understanding and open-minded, passionate and loving, a supporter and a heroine. In Tara’s own words, “I am just a bit different from many of the more ‘traditional’ officiants and wedding planners/consultants out there. I am quirky, I am a bit eccentric, and I am a big, gingery, tattooed Witch. I have been described as equal parts Hermione Granger, Leslie Knope, Brienne of Tarth, and Joan Holloway – if you know, then you know!” What a combination! If you want your Salem, Massachusetts wedding to be full of personality, then finding an officiant and planner with an equally big personality seems like a no-brainer…and you won’t find a more perfect fit than Tara.

What’s even cooler, Tara’s “why” goes deeper than just having DIY’d her own wedding. It’s her genuine love of love that draws her to this type of work. “It is a struggle for me sometimes to not shed a few tears when I marry my clients, because my heart is ridiculously big, and I get attached to the couples I work with,” she shared. “I really, really care, and I try to go all out to make sure that they have the best day ever. My own wedding day was the best day of my life – and I want to make sure other couples walk away from their special day with that same feeling. With no regrets, and none of those woulda-shoulda-couldas!”

With Tara, there’s no right or wrong way to do your big day. All of your ideas, no matter how big or small, will be heard and celebrated. It’s so important to her that your individuality shines as brightly as you want it to on your wedding day, and that you feel as if you’re working with one of your best friends. “I try to advise, empower, relieve stress, problem solve, and make sure that your ideas are executed as flawlessly as possible,” she declared.

You might get along especially well with Tara if you love the idea of doing something different for your ceremony. “I encourage couples to incorporate as many unity rituals and celebrations as they would like – like handfastings, sand ceremonies, unity candles, wine ceremonies, jumping the broom, or even a Viking sword exchange, which I did in a recent ceremony!” How cool is that?!

couple performing a sand ceremony at their beach wedding

If you already know that Tara is the Salem Massachusetts wedding officiant or planning consultant you’ve been searching for, get in touch with her soon! She’s (understandably) in high demand.


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