Meet Jackie of INKED by Jackie – a creative, passionate designer of custom Boston wedding invitations

You may not have thought of it this way, but your wedding invitation suite is typically the first taste your friends & family will get of the unique vibe & aesthetic of your big day! And, if you’re specifically choosing not to have a cookie-cutter wedding, there’s no reason you should have to settle for cookie-cutter invitations. That’s where INKED by Jackie, a bespoke Boston wedding invitation and custom signage design business, comes in.

Owner & designer Jackie Wilson is an extremely talented and creative Boston wedding invitation designer, and a versatile professional with over 14 years of experience in the hospitality industry. She’s the type of wedding vendor whom you can count on to really get your vision, no matter how out-of-the-ordinary it may seem! Jackie understands the importance of bringing all the little details together into one cohesive vision, and she’s here to make sure your wedding stationery & signage are just as unique as the rest of your big day!

I sat down for a Q&A with Jackie to learn more about her business and her approach as a Boston wedding invitation designer. Here’s what she had to say!



Jackie’s journey as a Boston wedding invitation designer & stationer


Q: Tell me the story of your business! How did you get started, and what led you to where you are today?

A: After getting engaged and planning our full wedding, I found a deep connection for everything wedding related. It gave me this excited feeling that I was longing for — that type of feeling of “if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life” — and I ran with it! 

Then, after having a little wedding depression once all the planning was all over, I decided to take a Sip & Script calligraphy class for fun. That is where it all clicked for me, like THIS IS IT, and that’s when INKED by Jackie was born! I started to grow by business while still working part-time as a bartender, and then in September 2022, I took the leap, went full time, and never looked back!


Q: Why do you do what you do? What do you love most about your job?

A: I absolutely love ‘love’ — it gives me so much joy to see couples in the same place that I was almost five years ago now. Excited to plan, nervous if everything will go right, but so excited to spend the rest of their life with their person! 

But, I took a very big DIY approach to our wedding, and I honestly didn’t know better — and how could I?! No matter how much experience I had with many aspects of weddings and events, I remember the toll it took on me, still to this day, trying to figure out all the finer details. So now, I channel all of that learning and tribulations and I get the honor of providing my couples with the stationery and signage of their dreams. How lucky am I?! 

There is nothing better than the reaction I get when I show each client photos of their sign, or when they finally get to feel and see their invitations in the mail. It really helps tie all the smaller details in with the bigger ones and makes you feel like THIS IS IT — WE’RE ALMOST THERE!


Q: What sets you apart from other similar vendors in the industry? What specifically do you want to provide for your clients?

A: What I think sets me apart from others is my unwavering dedication to prompt, effective communication and going above and beyond to exceed my client’s expectations, always! 

I channel the little things that I learned or wish I had for my wedding day, and provide that and more to my couples. Plus, having the hospitality experience that I do allows me to look through multiple perspectives to find the best approach in every situation, usually providing feedback that was never considered.



The entire stationery and signage process is so much more than “just” providing a wedding date, venue name, and guest names. My clients and I collaborate together to create something magical. We capture every little detail that goes into the entire day, such as the decor that will be around their sign, their meal service timeline to make sure day-of stationery aligns, or even thoroughly going through logistics, if the couple wants to do something DIY. 

I encourage couples to choose a design path that works for them, whether that is having a hands-on approach with me or sitting back and enjoying the experience while doing all the fun stuff, like looking at samples and providing approvals. Every wedding is unique, so I want my clients to feel supported, no matter which experience they choose, and see how all the tiny details make a cohesive design from concept to execution!


Q: How would you describe your style/approach as a Boston wedding invitation designer?

A: I pride myself on fostering seamless and transparent design experiences that are organic and feel effortless. I lead with professionalism and kindness, and actively listen to ensure that each couple’s vision, concerns, and thoughts are always considered and executed, as I want to ensure we encompass who they are as a couple throughout all of their services.


A custom wedding welcome sign from INKED by Jackie, a custom Boston wedding invitation & signage designer

Q: What would be your dream project to work on?

A: Oh gosh, how do I pick just one dream project?! 

I would say my biggest dream is to do the stationery and signage for a destination wedding, where I can be on site to execute all the finer details and provide on site calligraphy or engraving as a beautiful keepsake for their guests.

Already obsessed with the idea of Jackie designing your wedding stationery & signage? Drop her a line here, or check out her beautiful work on Instagram.

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