Get to know Grand View – one of MA’s most magnificent waterfront wedding venues

Newly married couples' rings set up with flowers for a photo at a wedding at Grand View in Mendon, MA

If you’re searching for a truly epic & unforgettable place to get married in New England, look no further than Grand View in Mendon, MA. With its amazing views, unique architecture, elegant gardens, unbeatable lakefront location, and experienced staff, Grand View has set itself apart as a wedding venue


Event Spaces at Grand View

Grand View has 2 amazing outdoor ceremony spaces to choose from – the Bella Vista and the Terraza. In case you couldn’t tell just from the names, both of these spaces are incredibly elegant and majestic. The former is a stone patio directly overlooking the water, complete with a gorgeous stone water fountain in the center. Guests are seated on the beautifully landscaped lawn, a point from which there’s so much natural and man-made beauty to take in. 

Picture this: You descend the elegant stone steps, your gorgeous train following close behind you. Your excitement grows as you pass the sparkling fountain, approaching the spot where you’ll exchange “I do’s” with your best friend. Your loved ones are watching in awe. And the whole time, you’re thinking, Wow, I can’t believe I’m getting married in such a gorgeous, perfect setting.”

In addition to the Bella Vista, there’s the Terraza, equally elegant, unique and fairy-tale-esque. A lovely patio enclosed with stone columns creates the perfect open-air ceremony space, with an upscale garden vibe (especially if the architecture is adorned by beautiful flowers and greenery). 

And, if you’re getting married in one of the chillier months and aren’t able to utilize these outdoor spaces (snowy winter weddings at Grand View are amazing, by the way), there’s always the magnificent Grand Ballroom, which can easily be transformed into an intimate, romantic ceremony space!


Standout Features of Grand View

Every detail of Grand View is thoughtfully designed with dream wedding vibes in mind, but a few features that especially stand out and make this venue irresistible are…

  • The fireplace in the Grand Ballroom: Fireplaces, of course, add such a romantic and cozy vibe to any event space, and the placement of this one in the Grand Ballroom at Grand View makes it an ideal backdrop for an indoor ceremony and for your sweetheart table during the reception.


  • The bridal suite: Remember how I told you every detail of this venue is thoughtfully designed? The beautiful bridal suite at Grand View is proof of that. There’s a TV inside where you can watch a livestream of your guests arriving, greeting each other, and taking in their beautiful surroundings. What better way to remind you before the festivities even begin just how loved and cherished you are?


  • The views: From pretty much any point on the venue grounds, you can enjoy incredible lake views. Grand View really does give the vibe of being on a serene, secluded island – such a perfect atmosphere for a relaxed yet super fun wedding day!


Are you already envisioning your dream wedding day at Grand View?


I’m not surprised at all–it’s the type of place you fall in love with instantly! If you’re already picturing how incredible your day could be at this wholly unique venue, reach out to the team ASAP! And if you’re still in need of other vendors for your big day, check out my roundup of 14 of my favorites!

Are you looking for a creative, fun photographer to capture your Grand View wedding? Drop me a line! I’d love to chat and see if we’re the perfect fit for each other!

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