A Q&A with Krista of Whimsically You – A Vermont Wedding Planning Service That’s a Bit Different Than Most

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You & your partner are outside-the-box thinkers – so, naturally, when planning something as important as your wedding, you’ll want fellow outside-the-box thinkers to help bring your creative vision to life. That’s where Krista & Dave of Whimsically You, a revolutionary Vermont wedding planning business, come in! 

As free spirits & big believers in authenticity, they understand how frustrating the confines and “rules” of a “traditional” wedding can feel for couples who want to remain true to themselves on their big day. Luckily, you don’t have to face the challenge of planning a wonderfully unique, personalized wedding all on your own. The Whimsically You team is here to help, offering an array of specialized services that’ll infuse the fun and creativity back into your wedding planning!


Learn all about the Vermont wedding planning business that’s committed to fun, love, authenticity & whimsy


Q: Where are you located, and what area do you serve?

A: We are based in the Burlington area of Vermont, but currently serve VT, NH, MA, and northeastern NY! (Aside from the photo booth and wedding escape box, most of our services are also potentially available farther afield. We love to travel!)


Q: How many years have you been in business?

A: Less than one…we’re new! (Let it be known, however – Krista & Dave are no strangers to event planning; in fact, the initial seeds for their business were planted through planning their own wedding! Keep reading to learn more…)


Q: Tell me a bit of your story/journey as business owners! What led you to where you are today?

A: We realized in planning our own wedding that there were services we wanted that we couldn’t find…we ended up doing it ourselves, and loved it! Now we are bringing our different skillsets to help couples playfully and authentically celebrate their love in four ways: 

  • Experience design – helping to conceptualize your wedding, including options for help writing the ceremony and/or vows, to ensure it really reflects what’s most important; 
  • Puzzle games and adventures to thrill your guests;
  • A rustic photo booth to encourage a little silliness and capture the spirit of your event;
  • Custom decor – think signage, placecards, hurricanes, etc. – to ensure your story is reflected even in the little details…and you end up with some more fabulous mementos!


Q: Why do you do what you do? What do you love most about your job?

A: We started Whimsically You because we think there is nothing more magical than celebrating and creating community around a couple for their love and all the things that are uniquely them! ALL couples deserve that. Discovering a couple’s story and passions, flexing our creativity, cultivating whimsy, and “making” are also totally our jam.


Q: What sets you apart from other similar vendors in the industry? What specifically do you want to provide for your clients?

A: I think all vendors want to create something personal for their couples, but some of them operate within more traditional bounds. We want to help couples intentionally craft a celebration that represents them – whether that includes traditional elements that are meaningful or if they’re throwing out all of the conventions! 

And think beyond just the aesthetics of the event. We particularly focus on incorporating playful and authentic elements. Plus, we have some particularly novel offerings – wedding puzzle games are not something you’ll find from other vendors!


Q: How would you describe your style/approach?

A: We’re laidback (mostly!), goofy, sappy lovers of love. We also strive to be inclusive and sustainably-minded. Most of our services really start with getting to know the couple to understand their passions, values, and story. From there, it’s all about figuring out how to best epitomize those things through different experiences and elements! There should be zero doubt in anyone’d mind that this was YOUR wedding.


Q: What would be your dream project to work on?

A: We definitely appreciate some traditional wedding elements and incorporated quite a few in our own celebration, but we’re all for quirky couples wanting something TOTALLY different and out there. So our dream project is probably something we can’t even conceive of yet. (We’re also big sci-fi/fantasy nerds, so geeks unite!) We do love multi-day celebrations that give more opportunities for different experiences and connections. A pop-up mini escape room at the venue or a full-day puzzle adventure (pre- or post-wedding day)? Let’s do it!


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Already know you NEED Whimsically You as your Vermont wedding planning team? Don’t hesitate to reach out! Krista & Dave are SO excited to meet you, hear all about your vision & ideas for your special day, and bond over nerdy interests!

Are you searching for more Vermont wedding planning resources? Check out the blog articles below! While you’re here, I’d absolutely love to chat & see if I’d be a great fit as your photographer! I’m based in Massachusetts, but will happily travel anywhere in New England to capture your beautiful love story.


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